Discover Computing & Raising Aspirations

Discover Computing & Raising Aspirations

The Lars Windhorst Foundation has partnered with multiple state schools to help support equality and diversity within the field of computing.

‘Discover Computing and Raising Aspirations’ Workshops

The Lars Windhorst Foundation is delivering an outreach programme which aims to increase equality and diversity within the field of computing. The programme’s objectives include delivering workshops, for students and parents at state secondary schools throughout London, to raise awareness of computer science and the opportunities in this sector. Schools are chosen on the basis of having a high proportion of students on free school meals.

The aim of “Discover Computing & Raising Aspirations” is to:

  • Expose parents and students to the possibilities and opportunities available in the field of computer science, including further education and career paths
  • Raise the aspirations of students from less advantaged backgrounds by demystifying a poorly understood career pathway and prospects
  • Support schools in providing access to sought after knowledge and experts in the field of technology