Wellbeing Initiatives through Creative and Sports Therapy

Wellbeing Initiatives through Creative and Sports Therapy

Acorn Wellbeing Outreach specialises in providing support to children and young people through a variety of ways including sports and arts therapy, counselling and outreach work. The Lars Windhorst Foundation has provided funding to Acorn Wellbeing for the following programmes in two London schools:

The Primary Integration Pathways Project

The PIP project focuses on therapeutic play working with young children who present with emotional and behavioural difficulties on entry to school. Due to funding cuts in statutory services and community based initiatives, access to this critical support is severely limited. The PIP Project is led by Naomi Moore, a therapeutic wellbeing practitioner with over ten years of experience. PIP recognises that early intervention can lead to more favourable outcomes by tackling challenges before they become entrenched.

The Champion Mindset

This programme is spearheaded by Derek Williams, a former heavyweight boxing champion of Europe and the Commonwealth, and now a fully-qualified therapeutic wellbeing practitioner with a wealth of experience working with disaffected young people. Sessions involve a combination of psychoeducation around The Champion Mindset. The programme aims to tackle the underlying issues of low self-esteem, anxiety and fear in disaffected secondary school students who are deemed at risk of exclusion.