The Lars Windhorst Foundation provides disadvantaged young people with experiences and opportunities that empower them to reach their full potential. It also engages in projects that promote culture and the arts and supports healthcare initiatives.

The Foundation provides single and multi-year grants to charities, social enterprises and other organisations to achieve this mission.

The Foundation also partners with charities with relevant expertise to bring its own initiatives and projects to life.

Our Philosophy

The Foundation

The Foundation’s work focuses on four core themes — education; enterprise and development; the arts and culture and healthcare — but it has an open mind about future projects, and believes firmly that solutions to the challenges it seeks to address often come from diverse and unexpected places.

The Foundation provides both single and multi-year grants to the organisations it supports, and does not have a standard size of gift, driven more by the project’s needs rather than pre-set guidelines.

The Foundation generally takes an active role in shaping the projects that it chooses to get involved in. The Foundation also welcomes both solicited and unsolicited requests for support.

The Foundation was founded by the German entrepreneur, Lars Windhorst, in 2017. He passionately believes in supporting young people and giving them opportunities to thrive. Mr Windhorst strongly believes in the power of philanthropy to drive positive social change and started his foundation to help bring together charities and organisations to support this endeavour.

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What We Fund

The Foundation remains committed to sponsoring projects that enable young people to become great leaders in their communities.

The family also worked with the Sapinda Rainbow Fund and the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race to give a team of young underprivileged South Africans the opportunity to participate in ocean racing, helping them develop their leadership potential and instill crucial life skills such as teamwork, communication and coordination.

Through to today, the Foundation remains committed to sponsoring projects that enable young people to become great leaders in their communities and a source of inspiration and motivation to bring change to their peers and the community as a whole.