Mission and Priorities

The Lars Windhorst Foundation seeks to improve the life chances of disadvantaged young people by providing them with enriching learning experiences. It also supports healthcare initiatives and public engagement and wider access to culture and the arts

The Mission

The Lars Windhorst Foundation recognises that while there are many effective ways to transform the lives of young people, one of the best is to expose more children and young adults to experiences that will provide them with the tools to succeed over the long term and open up new opportunities.

Many of the most important life skills and attributes of success, such as self-confidence, leadership, teamwork, communication, critical thinking and creativity, cannot be easily taught in classrooms.

At the same time, many young people who do have the potential to flourish in an academic setting, do not have the self-belief to go on to university or further study and consequently are often not reaching their full potential.

The Foundation believes that young people can learn these skills through enriching experiences, which challenge them to think in new ways, introduce them to people that they would not usually cross paths with, create new connections and networks, open their eyes to new opportunities, and transform the way they think about the world.

Our Priorities

The Foundation’s mission guides its funding priorities, and the projects it seeks to fund, support and involve itself in.

The Foundation is open-minded about the best way to achieve its objectives and, fundamentally, believes that the best ideas can often come from the most unexpected and diverse of places.

Its current projects are generally clustered around four themes.


Projects which seek to provide young people with opportunities to further themselves through education.

Enterprise and Leadership

Projects which seek to open up opportunities for entrepreneurship and leadership for young people

The Arts

Projects which seek to open up access to the arts for young people and the wider public.


Projects which seek to improve the health and well-being of society.